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Adidas (adidas samba classic) Brand

Adidas's goal is to coordinate with staff and families in need of private commercial interests of the adidas Group. Proposed work-life balance programs: family-oriented services, flexible work time and place, work-life balance and leadership related to human development. Difference Adidas (Adidas) Adidas brand Adidas

adidas samba sneakers is divided into three series, namely: athletic performance series (3-Stripes), sports the traditional series (Trefoil), sports fashion series (sphere containing three stripes flag).

Sports performance series dedicated to mass sports cause, its location is a popular sports fashion, using the Adidas three stripe logo, the price easily accepted by the public.

Traditional sports series Adidas Classic Series, its position is a classic retro fashion, fashion is more than sport performance, high-end number. Traditional sports Series Adidas Trefoil (Adidas Earlier also a sign), because of the more limited product series introduced the price for the high-income groups more easily accepted by.

Performance in world football

In world football, it suffered the support is no more a sporting goods firm can match. Especially when adidas invented the first pair of spikes, but also by the top players support and love, and from 1974 held in West Germany in the World Cup, more than 80% of the players have played adidas originals samba, adidas selected will can be learned was the power of adidas in world football. In the 1998 World Cup in France, the host of the French team is by virtue of superior performance adidas soccer shoes, play a level of super strength, beat master won the championship, the French soccer star Zinedine Zidane also won the 1998 FIFA World Player title, proving once again that the authority to ensure the "three lines of victory" adidas continues to this day.